David Parer has been filming and producing wildlife documentaries since 1971. Together with  his wife Liz, who is a producer/sound recordist, they have worked together making story-led programs since 1979 for the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Natural History Unit.

Most of the films were co-produced with the world’s top broadcasters including the BBC Natural History Unit, National Geographic Television, Discovery Channel, PBS – WNET (New York), Canal Plus and many others.

In 2008 the ABC Natural History Unit closed down and since then David has been working as a freelance specialist wildlife cameraman for Australian and overseas independent film-makers.


  • Email:
  • Mobile (David):  +61 (0) 408 386 762
  • Mobile (Liz):  +61 (0) 407 334 254
  • Landline:  +61 3 9553 8665

David is available to work as a cinematographer/director in Australia or anywhere around the world. He is happy to work independently as a cameraman/director or with a crew.